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Elea has been developing products, medications and treatments for every medical specialty for over 80 years. A whole life accompanying yours.



Our mission is to boost constant innovation in the development of cutting-edge medicine and treatments that enhance people’s life quality, from Argentina, to the world.


Being the most widely present pharmaceutical company in households, committed to all life stages of every person.


People, science and technology have made unthinkable changes, thus it was necessary to rethink us, and that is what we did at Elea, so that you move forward with your life.


to every household, at every moment.
to every household, at every moment.


To be able to think and rethink the path.
We adapt to the various circumstances that arise providing timely responses, because we see changes as new challenges to be met.


To the new ideas whilst maintaining the same ideals.
We are deeply committed to innovation and continued growth, maintaining the high quality, safety and technology standards that have always been our pillars.


to always go further.
We dare do what nobody else does. We are at the forefront in each one of our areas so as to always be the first.

Track Record

We boast over 80 years of history that endorse what we do. A history built on the bases of trust and experiences. A track record based on integrity and transparency as the key values to our success and that of the pharmaceutical industry.


Elea regards ethics and integrity as its fundamental pillar which are present in every relationship with clients, suppliers, collaborators and private and public entities.

Our company is strongly committed to holding business following these values. To this end, we have implemented internal procedures supporting this dynamic, such as our Code of Ethics, Anti-corruption, Antitrust and Fair Competition Policies and our continuous training programs in Compliance.


For us, sustainability and integrity go hand in hand, thus, we are committed to mitigating the environmental impact we generate. We aim to promote commitment to sustainability in our culture and we implement new and more sustainable technologies.

We are constantly looking for opportunities to minimize our carbon print, reduce waste and raise awareness on water and energy conservation within our site.

Strategic Alliances

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Ante cualquier duda sobre condiciones médicas particulares es pertinente consultar a un profesional de la salud.

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Elea Av. General Juan Gregorio Lemos 2809 – Villa de Mayo, Buenos Aires


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