• We were the first to tell your mom about you

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    With products for every stage of women, namely, contraceptives, mother-to-be and hormone replacement therapy.

  • We turn hopes into realities

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    We are the first Argentine pharmaceutical company to boast a biosimilar monoclonal antibody fully produced in our country.

  • We bring over the unattainable

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    We facilitate access to high-cost treatments with locally manufactured products under internationally renowned quality standards.

  • We fight the forgotten battles

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    We are the only pharmaceutical company in the world to supply the medication to treat the Chagas Disease, having been approved by the FDA and working as supplier for the Pan American Health Organization.

  • We produce with excellence, thinking of you

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    Our industrial plant boasts over 90,000 m2 and is equipped with technology and security to produce a large variety of pharmaceutical forms with high quality standards.

  • We give you defenses so that nothing can stop you

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    From our early stages, we have worked and developed different pharmaceutical forms as of the arrival of penicillin and streptomycin.

  • Elea, leading pharmaceutical company

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    Leading brands

    Thus, we work in our 3 divisions: OTC, Primary Care and Special Treatments with international quality and safety standards.

  • Our commitment with Women is integral

    We are an organization that leads with example and fosters gender equality. Today, 35% of our team are women; we actively work with policies that promote equality and respect for diversity.

  • Elea, leading pharmaceutical company

    We are an Argentine pharmaceutical company with the purpose of accompanying health in every life stage. We have presence in every medical specialty with international quality and safety standards.

Leading Pharmaceutical company Leading Pharmaceutical company

To accompany people with products and medications for each life stage, we have a highly qualified human team.

+1000 +1000

Employees set up a highly committed and qualified team.

+100 +100

Employees focused on ensuring the quality.

+300 +300

Employees in technical areas.

+250 +250

Employees facilitating access.

+60 +60

Employees researching and developing all pharmaceutical forms.

+300 +300

Employees providing support and making everything happen.

Leading organization in equality of opportunities. We foster and support diversity and gender equality; we lead with example and work for opportunity equity. Leading organization in equality of opportunities. We foster and support diversity and gender equality; we lead with example and work for opportunity equity.

Our Divisions

We are present in every medical specialty, endorsed by international quality and safety standards.

Usted está accediendo a una sección del sitio que contiene información para los profesionales de la salud

Aquí se encuentra orientación específica para el uso adecuado de los medicamentos que se obtienen bajo prescripción médica.

Ante cualquier duda sobre condiciones médicas particulares es pertinente consultar a un profesional de la salud.

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¿Sabia Ud que no todas las ivermectinas son de uso humano?

¿Por qué elegir Iver P?

  • IVER-P contiene ivermectina de la más alta calidad farmacéutica y pureza  que hacen a un uso humano seguro.
  • IVER P se fabrica con los mayores estándares de seguridad en la planta farmacéutica de CHEMO en España.
  • IVER-P cumple con las especificaciones de la farmacopea internacional.
  • IVER P no contiene impurezas y por lo tanto es un medicamento seguro aun cuando se utilicen dosis altas.


Fosfolea: Una nueva alternativa en el tratamiento de las infecciones urinarias no complicadas, en una única toma. Efectivo, seguro y fácil de administrar.

Laboratorios Elea pisa fuerte en el mercado de analgésicos de la mano de Geniol

Geniol, una marca de amplia historia y trayectoria en la categoría de analgésicos, vuelve al mercado con el principio activo Paracetamol, la molécula número 1 en recomendación médica y farmacéutica. Se puede encontrar en dos concentraciones de venta libre: Geniol por 500mg y Geniol Forte por 650mg, y su presentación de venta bajo receta, Geniol por 1 Gr. Geniol se utiliza para el alivio del dolor leve a moderado.

Llegó Slinda. El primer anticonceptivo libre de estrógenos

Slinda es el primer y único anticonceptivo oral libre de estrógenos, solo con drospirenona. Es una opción anticonceptiva para mujeres que hasta hoy tienen contraindicado el uso de estrógenos, y no podían utilizar anticonceptivos orales combinados como método de planificación familiar.


People, science and technology have made changes unthinkable until recently, thus it was necessary to rethink us, and that is what we did at Elea, so that you live on your life.


With every household, at every moment.
Because we accompany consumers, patients and doctors in every significant development stage, enhancing their health and life quality.


To be able to think and rethink the way..
We adapt to the various circumstances that unveil, providing agile answers, because we regard changes as new challenges to attain.


To the new ideas whilst maintaining the same ideals.
We are deeply committed to innovation and permanent growth, maintaining the high quality, safety and technology standards that have been the pillars of our story.


To reach further always.
We dare do what nobody else does. We are cutting edge in each and every one of our areas, aiming at always being the first.